Interfacing with iTunes COM

Not only is it easy to interface to COM/ActiveX components in Dolphin Smalltalk but we like to think that the Dolphin development environment is one of the best places to experiment with various controls to test out their functionality. In this 15 minute programme, Andy Bower, shows how to bring an ITunes component into Dolphin and then how to hold an interactive dialog with the available interfaces.

Click on the thumbnail to view the video embedded in your browser.

Chapter Markers

Since this is quite a long video and the embedded player doesn’t support chapter markers, you may like to download a QuickTime version and view this in your local QT player. That way you’ll be able to use the chapter markers to skip around within the programme. Right click the following link and choose Save as.. to save the file to disk.

Right click for QuickTime Download

Note: You shouldn’t left click the above link as the file will then be opened in the embedded player and this will take a long time to download.