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Dolphin Community Edition is our Smalltalk development environment that is FREE for personal/educational use. You'll find that it is a complete tool for either learning Smalltalk programming or for creating your own personal Windows-based applications. It has a great, slick, user interface that we've tried to make as easy to use as possible, thus complementing the dynamic nature you'd expect from Smalltalk.
Class Browser


Smalltalk developers tend to spend a lot of time browsing existing code. The Dolphin browsers give you a clear window onto the source code for the entire class library. Before you carve out new code, browse through this incredible learning resource.


Featuring dynamic, syntax colouring and IntelliSense-like auto completion, the source editor makes creating new code a great experience. And, because this is Smalltalk, any changes are incrementally compiled into a class so that they are ready to be tested within milliseconds. Yes really, milliseconds!
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Whether you follow a test first methodology or a more traditional edit/test/debug cycle, you'll find that the SUnit Test Browser built right into Dolphin makes it easy to run and debug your suites of test cases.


Any serious programmer knows that the power of an IDE is limited by the power of its debugger. Dolphin's debugger won't leave you wanting. You can inspect anything and edit anything. Fix a bug and move right on to the next with no restarting. True debugging goodness!
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