With the examples below:

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"There will be some Smalltalk code in this area for you to copy over to your workspace"


Everything in the shaded area is valid Smalltalk. You can either copy and paste (or select and drag) this region to a Dolphin Workspace or you can choose to type it in directly. For some of the short examples we would recommend typing it in. That way you're more likely to learn from what you are doing and also you'll be given help by Dolphin's auto-completion system, so it shouldn't be too much of a chore anyway.
To evaluate an expression, type Ctrl+E (for Evaluate It).
To evaluate and display the result of an expression, type Ctrl+D (for Display It). The result will be displayed and highlighted at the end of the line. While it is still highlighted, use DEL to clear it before moving on.
There is no need to select single line expressions, just place the text cursor on the line and press the desired evaluation shortcut-key. If the expression consists of more than one line, select it in the normal way with the mouse or keyboard before attempting to evaluate it.

Note: Smalltalkers usually call the act of executing a piece of Smalltalk code, "evaluation".

If you make a mistake, the system may bring up a Walkback window. To the uninitiated this may appear as a message box with an exclamation icon and filled with hieroglyphics. Don't panic, if you come across a walkback, for now just press the Terminate button and carry on.