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Now you've played around with these experiments you should have a pretty good idea of the dynamism of Smalltalk and how to use the Workspace window in Dolphin. At this point you might like to continue with:

The "Guided Tour" from the Help/Guided Tour menu. This will take you around all of the tools available in the Dolphin environment. This is the place to go now if you already know some Smalltalk and you just want to find your way around in Dolphin.
The "Beginner's Guide to Dolphin Smalltalk" from the Help/Tutorials menu. If you`re not used to the Smalltalk language this tutorial will introduce you to some of the key concepts and teach you how to do some programming with the Dolphin tools.
Alternatively, if you are already a seasoned Dolphin veteran you may just wish to find out what`s new in this version. Take a quick look at What`s New in Version 6 and then you can get straight on with some real work.