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What's New in Version 6?

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The Dolphin Smalltalk project was started on the 30th January 1995. The very first Dolphin virtual machine compiled and evaluated "3+4" four days later. Since that time there have been five subsequent versions of the environment each, we hope, being more functional and easier to use than the last. Now, with Dolphin Smalltalk X6, we believe we are giving you the best version yet.

From the cool new look, to the introduction of new tools such as the Idea Space and the Method Explorer, we've tried to make Dolphin Smalltalk easier to use and more productive than ever. We've listened to feedback from our users and implemented many of the most frequently requested features, such as embedded source code control and a makeover for the View Composer and the View Browser (formerly Resource Browser) tools.

New Look

Improved Toolbox

New Editor with Auto-Completion

Although there is a lot here that's new, we've tried to make sure that this version still feels familiar to our existing users and we hope you'll agree that Dolphin Smalltalk X6 remains the easiest to use of all of the currently available Smalltalk environments.