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View Composer

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The View Composer has been given a significant makeover with new-look sliding toolbox and property inspector panes. We have also added a number of new view manipulation features and a full, limitless, Undo facility which, we have no doubt, will be welcomed by all.

View Composer and Sliding Toolbox (below)

Literal Resources

View resources are no longer stored as separate binary objects manipulated by a resource manager. Instead, for X6, we have developed a new Literal Filer which saves the views as class methods containing only Smalltalk literal objects.

There are many advantages to this, not least of which is the fact that the views are no longer "black box" objects that the other development tools cannot see inside. For example, if you now do a references search for a particular symbol, the results will include any views that have menus that fire this symbol as a command. Also, as you might expect, any refactoring operations that rename classes or symbols will now also rename them inside the appropriate views.