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View Composer

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The View Composer provides a graphical means of laying out views. Views are the visible UI elements of Dolphin, so the View Composer can be thought of  as its GUI builder.

Once created, views are saved down as class-side methods of the classes to which they belong. Generally, these methods are not human-readable and are only intended to be edited using the View Composer.

Dolphin uses a user interface framework known as MVP which allows a each UI component to have multiple views associated with it, if required.

The View Composer is implemented by the ViewComposer class in the image.


A new, empty View Composer can be opened from the System Folder or from the Tools/Class Browser menu command in any tool.  However, it is more common to open a View Composer directly onto a particular view resource by double-clicking it in the View Browser.

The View Composer consists of the following panes: