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View Arena Pane

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The View Arena Pane is the area in the View Composer where the view being created can be manipulated directly.

Selecting Views

If you wish to select a view to edit it, you can do so either by clicking on it in the arena or by selecting it in the View Hierarchy Pane. The View Composer allows you to edit nested hierarchies of views. If you wish to select a sub-view that is deep in the hierarchy you may have to click several times to select it; each successive click "drills down" one level into the hierarchy of the previously selected view. When a view is selected, its properties (published aspect) are  made available for editing in the Property Inspector.

Direct Manipulation

When you have selected a view, it will be highlighted with six square "handles". You can grab these with the mouse to resize it. If you wish to reposition a view, you can click and drag it with the left mouse button (in this case the cursor changes to a NSEW arrow).

Note that some views may not allow you to move them or resize them. The main view being edited cannot be moved although, in most cases, it can be resized. Other sub-views that are under the control of a Layout Manager may not allow you to resize or reposition them.

Multiple Selections

You can select multiple views by Ctrl-clicking with the mouse. The most recently selected view becomes the primary selection whose properties are visible in the Property Inspector and is highlighted in the View Hierarchy Pane. The other, secondary selections, are highlighted by different coloured (white) handles. Several of the View Composer operations, such as alignment and matching work with multiple selections of views.