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Using the Property Inspector

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First of all we need a caption for the shell view. The three panes at the right of the View Composer act as an inspector displaying the properties (sometimes called published aspects) of the selected view. In the middle pane of this, select caption and move to the lower pane to edit its value. Type a suitable title for the shell, say, "Personal Account Details", and you'll see this appear in the shell's title bar as you type.

Tip: the lower pane of the Property Inspector changes according to the type of the property selected in the middle pane. For text based properties these are often updated as you type, but not always. Sometimes you must hit the Enter key or de-select the property before it is updated. Other properties will be presented to you in different ways. A boolean value, for example, will display as a check box. All properties can also be edited with a workspace (within the ST tab) and, in order to set a value, you must type a Smalltalk expression and choose Accept from the Workspace menu. Some more complicated aspects are only displayed in the lower pane and in order to edit them you must double click the property name to bring up a suitable dialog. Font and colour properties are of this nature.