Tidying up

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"And finally, tidy up any mess. This will close all views, including the System Folder. A new, System Folder will be opened after a short delay."

SmalltalkSystemShell default panic


We've come to the end of our First Splash experiments. If you've still got any windows open that you want to get rid of then you can reset the system by evaluating the above expression. If you've not got any excess windows cluttering up your screen then just close the Workspace you been working with and they'll be no need to execute the #panic..

IMPORTANT: You should be aware that, if you do use #panic and acknowledge the prompt that follows, you will destroy all your open Dolphin windows without having further chance to save their contents. So don't do this if there's anything you want to keep.

The Panic facility is also available as an icon in the System Folder. You may find it useful at times when working with Dolphin.

Remember, to get back to these experiments just choose Help/First Splash in any Dolphin tool window.