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Testing and Debugging Console Applications

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In order that console applications can be tested and deployed, they can be run within the Dolphin's graphical development environment. For example, try the following:

CommandLineHelloWorld run


As you will see a console is opened to receive the output and accept input. Be warned, however, that if you attempt to close this console the operating system will think you are trying to close the application, and Dolphin will initiate shutdown. In the development environment this results in a prompt to save the image, and if you do not respond in time the OS will think Dolphin is not responding and prompt to terminate it. This prompt can of course be cancelled, in which case no harm will be done.

The debugger can be used invoked in the normal way by placing a self halt breakpoint at a convenient location, or by using the Debug-It (F11) command to invoke the debugger directly on the expression used to run the application.