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Testing the User Interface for PersonalAccount

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You now have a complete MVP triad for a PersonalAccount. At this stage we can test the user interface to verify how it interacts with the PersonalAccount model. In a workspace window evaluate:

PersonalAccountShell show.



You should see the view you've designed appear. It should look a bit like the example below, although without the existing account details (because you haven't entered any yet).

The window will be displaying the contents of a newly created PersonalAccount object. In this case the PersonalAccountShell presenter that you've created also creates and owns its PersonalAccount model (it was specified by the defaultModel class method, remember). However, it's also possible to bring up a PersonalAccountShell on a model that is already in existence. If you still have the workspace variables that we created earlier, then b will be be holding a suitable personal account. Evaluate:

PersonalAccountShell showOn: b.


You should be able to see and edit the original details you entered into this account. At the moment you will not be able to add any transactions to the account since we have not completed the command handling methods that do this.

Once you've closed the shell, either by pressing Exit or with the system menu close box, inspect the contents of b and you should see the changes you have made to the account object.