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Talking to Teresa, Simon and Charlie

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Now let's ask our shapes some questions. Evaluate the following expressions in turn and display the results using Display it (Ctrl+D).

teresa position.

simon position.

charlie position.


Note that the position of each shape is answered as a two-dimensional point. This marks the location of the center of the shape within the Playground window.

Tip: It is an oddity of the way Microsoft Windows works that y coordinates increase toward the bottom of the screen or window.

There are number of other messages you can send to the shapes to query information. Try these:

teresa sides.

simon rotation.

charlie color.

teresa radius.


All the shapes respond to a #radius message and answer the radius of their smallest enclosing circle. You'll see in a minute that the radius of a shape is what governs its overall size.

Try asking the Playground itself what shapes it contains:

playground shapes.