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System Browser

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Only Available in Dolphin Professional

The System Browser , unlike the Class Browser, organizes the classes present in your image into a structure based on the packages to which they belong.

Initially you choose one or more of the loaded packages that you wish to browse/modify and the System Browser will then show you the classes they contain. You can choose to view these classes either as a list or a hierarchy.

The System Browser is implemented by the SystemBrowserShell class in the image.


If you are working with Dolphin Professional the System Browser is where you will develop most of your Smalltalk code. However, as its name suggests, it is not just a means of creating new code but also a means of browsing the existing source code in your image. Combined with it's close integration with the other tools, in particular the Method Explorer, it is a great learning aid.

A new System Browser can be opened from the System Folder or from the Tools/System Browser menu command in any tool.

The System Browser consists of the following panes: