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Step 5 Register Type Library (Windows 9x only)

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If you deployed the DLL on a Windows 9x derivative, then Dolphin will not be able to bind the type library into the DLL, and consequently it cannot be automatically registered at step (3). If this is the case then at step (4) you may get the message something like the following one, again from Windows 98:

Or you may get:

This latter error decodes to 'Interface not registered', which effectively says that no marshalling code is available for a requested interface. In order to provide this it is necessary to manually register the type library, which is quite easy to do, either use the Register Type Library command on the Additional Tools menu to browse for and select corandom.tlb, or use the Active-X Component Wizard as follows:

1.Open up an ActiveX Component Wizard in Dolphin (on the Additional Tools menu)
2.On the first page of the wizard press the Browse... button.
3.In the subsequent dialog press the Open... button.
4.Use the resulting file open dialog to browse to the COM Random Stream sample directory, i.e. <my docs>\Dolphin Smalltalk 5.1\Object Arts\Samples\ActiveX\Random\, and open the Random.tlb file.
5.Cancel out of the wizard

The type library should now be registered, so you should now be able to repeat step (4) successfully, but it is advisable to repeat from step (3).