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Step 5

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Choose Strip class information to remove the (usually) redundant meta-information held by the classes in the image. This will cause the image stripper to drop class pools, shared pools and class comments etc. Under most circumstances is also permissible to remove the instance global names and the class GUIDs. Obviously, if your application makes use of any of this information then don't opt to allow the stripper to remove it.

Normally, the ExternalStructure subclasses allow for the ability to define accessors in their templates but not actually compile these into methods. Accesses are trapped by a #doesNotUnderstand override and interpreted appropriately. This was an early design decision to save space in the image at the cost of poorer performance. However, with the advent of the image stripper, it is nearly always a disadvantage not to compile all the accessor methods for these structures, both in terms of speed and space.

Choose the Compile ExternalStructures option to force compilation of all of the structure templates in the image. This will allow all the templates to be disposed of and all the classes in the AspectDescriptor hierarchy to be completely removed. You should find, if you have chosen to Strip redundant methods, that many of the generated accessor methods will be removed anyway.