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Step 2

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Here you should choose the name of the executable file to which your application will be deployed.

Normally, you will want the Dolphin Virtual Machine to be bound into your deployed executable (EXE) file. We call this To Go mode since all you have to do is to handout the resultant EXE. If you would like the EXE to be slightly smaller then uncheck the Create single file "To Go" distributable check box. This might be helpful if you have several small applications that you all want to share the same VM. If you do this, it will be necessary for you to distribute the Dolphin Virtual Machine DLL with your application (see Redistributable Components).

Since the eventual application will be executing in a run-time environment it is not appropriate for it to use the standard DevelopmentSessionManager that is present in the development image. An instance of a RuntimeSessionManager subclass is installed instead, so you will need to specify this by choosing the class from the drop-down list on this page.

Normally it is sensible to write an XML log manifest file since this can be helpful when debugging problems in the stripping process. You can choose to display the last log file written by clicking the Show it button; this will launch an Executable Browser on the previous manifest information.