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STB Debugging

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If you should have trouble creating a proxy, loading from an STB stream or simply want to know more about STB then try using an STBDebugger in place of an STBInFiler. This simply writes a text representation of what is being read to the Transcript.

Each object read from the stream outputs a line of text starting with the offset within the stream. Then, after indenting to indicate nesting of the object, the objects prefix is shown in square brackets. Note that some objects such as a SmallInteger live entirely within their own prefix. If the prefix contains only a quoted string then the prefix identifies the first instance of the named class - subsequent instances are prefixed by the class name without the quotes. If the prefix contains something in angle brackets then it represents a reference to that object. For objects which have more than a prefix, their indexed size follows even for non-indexed classes (whoops). Finally, if the object is a byte object, they print their literal representation.