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Source Tracking System

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Only Available in Dolphin Professional

The Source Tracking System is new for X6. It is a full method level repository for storing past editions of your Smalltalk source code. For those of you who have experience of it, STS is very much like the ENVY product that has been available for other Smalltalk environments in the past

The repository is multi-user so several developers can be working with it at once. As you work within Dolphin all modifications to methods are kept so that you can see what changes have been made. At key stages in your development you can choose to "version" a set of packages to the repository so that this state can be compared against or retrieved in future. In short, STS keeps a full audit trail of all the changes that are made to your Smalltalk source files and it does this with a minimum impact on your working routine.


Class Editions Browser

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The Source Tracking System has been licensed from ITC Gorisek for inclusion in all versions of Dolphin Professional.