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Source Tracking System

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Only Available in Dolphin Professional

The Source Tracking System is an add-on for the Dolphin Smalltalk development environment that lets you track your project in a team environment. It uses an object oriented database OmniBase as a source code repository where all changes to methods, classes or packages are stored as soon as they are made.

Features include browsing of old method/class/package/project/view editions, comparing changes between them, loading partial code from packages without installing them, merging code from different package editions and team development support.

Source Tracking System also introduces projects into the Dolphin Smalltalk environment with which you can group multiple package versions together and load them all at once in a predefined order.

Source Tracking System extends the Dolphin Smalltalk environment with the following system extensions:

Extensions to the Class Browser
Extensions to the Packages Browser
Extensions to the System Browser

The Source Tracking System also adds the following new tools and browsers:

Method Editions Browser
Class Editions Browser
Package Editions Browser
Project Editions Browser
Comparison Browser

New browsers also add some additional functionality including the ability to import and export Smalltalk source code to and from other Smalltalk dialects.