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Redistributable Components

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In order for a deployed application to run correctly you must also distribute with it the Dolphin Smalltalk Runtime System. You may need to ship one or more of the following files:

DolphinVMYYR.DLL -- The Dolphin Smalltalk Virtual Machine. This is only required if you chose not to use To Go deployment mode in the Lagoon Wizard. If you have created a To Go executable then the virtual machine is bound into the EXE file.
DolphinCRYYR.DLL -- The Dolphin Smalltalk compiler which will be required by any applications that attempt to compile Smalltalk code at runtime. Here YY is a two digit number signifying the year of release and R is a numeric release identifier. For example, the VM for Dolphin Smalltalk is the file DolphinVM006.DLL.
DolphinDRYYR.DLL -- The Dolphin Smalltalk Development System resources. This DLL contains various resources such as icons, bitmaps etc. which are normally only used by the development environment. However, if you wish to make use of these as part of your application then you may do so. In which case, you must install this DLL into the same directory as your application executable.
DolphinSureCrypto.DLL -- contains some cryptographic functions for the DolphinSure system. If you don't use the DolphinSure in your application then you won't need to distribute this DLL.