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Protocols Pane

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The Protocols Pane shows a list of the method protocols that are currently installed in the image.

Method protocols are the Smalltalk equivalent of Java interfaces. A protocol consists of a series of message selectors that must be implemented by a class if it is to conform to that protocol. In Smalltalk, protocols are advisory only and not enforced.



The filter pane uses icons to distinguish between different types of method protocol:

This is the default protocol icon and would normally be used to represent any protocols that you define yourself.

This is the ANSI protocol icon, which identifies protocols which are part of the ANSI standard for Smalltalk.

This icon indicates that the protocol has been marked as "read only". It is normally used to show protocol that are defined by the Dolphin class library.

Common Operations

You can choose to drag a protocol from this pane and drop it over a class object. This will attempt to make the class conform to the protocol by implementing stub methods for any that are not already available. Various other operations concerning protocols are available using the context menu for this pane.