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Property Inspector Pane

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The Property Inspector Pane is used to view and modify the properties (published aspects) of the currently selected view.

Note that, in prior versions of Dolphin, this was known as the Published Aspect Inspector. We've taken to calling it to the Property Inspector in this version because we felt this would be a name which was more familiar to users of other GUI development tools. Take it as read that, in this situation,  Properties and Published Aspects are synonymous.

Common Operations

The top area of this pane shows the available properties of the selected view along with a short textual representation of their values. As you select a property in this tree, one or more editors for the value are displayed in the tabs at the bottom of the pane.

You will find that there will always be a workspace (ST) tab here that can be used to enter a Smalltalk expression to evaluate and assign as the value of the property (using Accept from the context menu). Depending on the type of the property being edited there may also be other tabs available with more appropriate editing facilities. For example, if you select a boolean property like #hasCaption then an additional check box tab will be available to provide a  more straightforward graphical way of editing this value.

When it is not possible to display a more appropriate editor in situ, but one is available as a dialog, then double-clicking on the property name will bring up this dialog for you. For example, if you double-click on #backcolor you will launch a standard Windows colour picker that can be used to assign a chosen colour to the property.