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Project Editions Pane

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The Project Editions Pane displays the available project editions for the currently selected project.

A project edition can be marked either as a version or as an opened edition. The differences between these two states are as follows:

1.An open project edition can be changed; this means that you can add, remove or change package editions assigned to the selected project edtion. Once a project edition is versioned it can not be changed anymore.
2.A versioned project edition can be exported into a .PEX or compressed .PEZ file. This means that you can export all contained package editions into a single file without having to manually save each package separately. Exporting a project edition into XML file is the easiest way to exchange your code with other developers who are also using STS.
3.A versioned project edition can be used as a starting point for development of a new version. By selecting a project edition and clicking on Create New Edition you can create an open edition of the project which is a copy of the selected project version.

Once an open project edition is versioned it can not be changed again. Instead of changing a project version you must use Create New Edition to copy project version into an opened edition for further development.


The Project Editions Pane context menu offers further functionality as follows:

Update list - This will refresh the list of project editions in the repository based on the data in repository. Use this if you are working in repository with other people who might have changed repository since the list was loaded the last time.
Version... - Use this option to mark an open project edition as a version. This will lock the version so that it can not be changed anymore.
Create New Edition - When a project version is selected you can create an open edition from it. A project version will be copied into a new opened edition which can then be changed.
Load Edition - This will load and install all package editions which are contained in the project edition/version. If a package edition is already installed in the image it will be skipped during the load phase.
Export... - Use this function to export a complete project edition with all of it package versions into a file. A project can be exported either into a textual XML (.PEX) file or into a compressed XML file (.PEZ).
Import - Use this function to import a project edition from a .PEZ or .PEX file.
Show Project History - Use this function to display a version tree with a history of version from which the selected edition originates.
Rename version - Use this feature to rename a project version. This way you can change version descriptor/number of a project version.
Purge - Use this feature to delete a project edition from the repository.
Salvage - Use this feature to salvage a deleted project edition in the repository. Only last two deletions can be salvaged.