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Package Editions Pane

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The Package Editions Pane displays a list of the available editions in the repository for the currently selected package.

The context menu in the Package Editions Pane contains the following commands:

Update list - use this option when another developer is working on the same repository. When another developer versions a package use this option to refresh the list with the latest package editions.
Load Edition - use this option to load/install the selected package edition in the image.
Compare Editions - use this option to compare differences between two selected package editions. This option is enabled only when two package editions are selected.
Compare with... - use this option to compare the selected package edition with another edition which can be either from the same package or another package with a different name. After clicking on this option you can select another package edition with which to compare. After selecting it a changes browser window will be opened with a list of differences between package editions.
Show Package History - use this option to display a version tree which shows the package history. From the version tree you can see which version derived from another version.
Export Edition - use this option to export a package edition into a file without loading it first. The package edition is exported together with its versioning information (developer and timestamp for every method, class and package).
File Out As ... - use this option to file out package edition source directly from the repository without loading the package. With this option you can file out sources into other Smalltalk dialects.
Rename version - use this option to rename version given to an already versioned package version.
Purge - use this option to remove a package version from the repository.
Salvage - use this option to salvage previously removed package version. This option only works for the last two previously removed package versions.