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Package Editions Package Pane

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The Packages Editions Packages Pane displays the current set of packages that have been versioned into the repository.

The pane has the following context menu commands:

Update list - use this option when another developer is working on the same repository. When another developer versions a package use this option to refresh the list with the latest package editions.
Rename - use this option to rename a package in the repository. If there is another package with the same name, then both version trees will be merged into the same version history. After renaming a package all package versions will have name name.
Import - use this option to import a package from a file directly into repository without installing the package into image. This command is a big time saver if you have a package that would otherwise conflict with the loaded code. STS supports many import formats so that you can also import source code packages from other Smalltalk dialects.
Purge - use this option to remove a package from the repository. All package versions will be removed.
Salvage - use this option to salvage a previously removed package. Only the last two previously purged packages can be salvaged. All package editions in the salvaged package will be salvaged.
Purge unused class editions - use this option to removed all class editions which are not referenced by any of the existing package editions.

When you select a package in the Packages Pane, the Editions Pane will be updated with a list of all package editions in the repository for that particular package.