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Opening a new Workspace

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If you have not already done so, close the example workspace window that you've been using up to now. You should then be left just with the System Folder open.

As we've seen, a workspace is a general text window where snippets of Smalltalk code can be edited and executed (in Smalltalk parlance, evaluated). It is one of a number of development tools that Dolphin provides. For the next few chapters we will be using workspaces, almost exclusively, to interact with the system and perform our experiments.

At the start of each chapter you'll be asked to open a new workspace in which the work for that chapter will be performed. You can do this by choosing the File/New Workspace menu command from any other workspace or Dolphin development tool window. You may also use the New Workspace toolbar button or the Ctrl+N shortcut if you prefer.

At the end of each chapter you should probably tidy up by closing the workspace (and any other example windows) that you have been using. This will free up any memory space and leave the system ready for continuing with the subsequent chapters.