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Newcomers Start Here

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If you are a Smalltalk beginner or just a newcomer to Dolphin, we'd recommend that you start with our First Splash Experiments. These are designed to introduce you to the concept of the Workspace and show you how to type in some quick Smalltalk expressions to get an immediate response whilst learning a little bit of Smalltalk syntax at the same time.

You can also get to the experiments by using the Help/First Splash menu in any of the Dolphin tool windows or by following the link above.

Following these experiments, if you are new to Smalltalk but from a C++/C#/Java background, then you might find the Jumping Into Smalltalk section useful. This is a comparison of the key points of these languages against the equivalents in Smalltalk and is written by David Buck of Simberon (and reproduced here with his permission).

We also have a number of Tutorials that take you through starting to learn Smalltalk with Dolphin and on to creating various example GUI applications.