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All the methods of a class are read in one go and the categories for each method are defined afterwards.

An excerpt of the file produced from the SourceManager class would be

!SourceManager methodsFor!

add: aStringFilename

      "Adds a file to the SourceManager."

      ^self subclassResponsibility!


      "Private - Answers the suffix to use for the changes file"

      ^'chg'! !


Trailing this the categories of each method are set. A method can belong to a number of categories. If the categories of a method are not supplied it is placed in the 'no category' method category.

!SourceManager categoriesFor: #add:!source code control! !

!SourceManager categoriesFor: #changesExtension!accessing!constants! !


The #changeExtension method belongs to two method categories; accessing and constants.