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Method List Pane

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The Method List Pane shows the list of methods in the system which currently match the Method Explorer's selection criteria. The list can be ordered by selector or class by clicking on the relevant column header. As methods are added and removed from the image, this list will be dynamically updated to reflect the currently matching set. Further sub-searches may be spawned by using the Method/Browse menu options and these will be added to the Explorer's History Pane.

The Method List Pane displays different types of methods with different icons:

Public method. These methods are intended to be part of the public interface to the class.

Private method. Although Smalltalk does not enforced method privacy, placing a method in the private category indicates that the method is not intended to be part of the class' public interface.

Deprecated method. From time to time we decide to remove, or rename some methods. When we do this, if the method being changed is part of the public interface, we will usually leave it in the system for one release cycle but, at the same time, we'll mark it as being deprecated. You should change your code to not make use of these methods as soon as possible.

Compilation failed. This icon indicates that the method failed to compile.

Note: if you click in the column header header above the icons you can sort the methods based on the above types.

The Method List is multi-selection. This means you can select several methods at once to be the subject of certain operations (e.g. dragging and several refactorings). You may choose to drag methods to several locations in the various Dolphin tools... see the help for the different tool panes for details.