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Loose Methods Pane

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The Loose Methods Pane displays a list of any loose methods that are owned by the currently selected package.

An important facility offered by the Dolphin packaging system is the ability to augment existing classes with additional methods of your own. The existing classes may well be in packages that you do not own or have control over and therefore it would be inappropriate if you were to make modifications directly to them. Fortunately, Dolphin allows you to add individual methods to your own packages even though the classes to which they belong don't reside in the same package. We call such renegade methods, loose methods.Please note that the Loose Methods Pane shows only the loose methods held by a package (as its name suggests). It does not show the methods that belong to the package's classes since, typically, there would be far too many to display them all sensibly in the pane.

Common Operations

Dragging a method object from one of the other browsers and dropping it over this pane will add that method to the currently selected package. If the method's class is not already a member of the package then it will be added as a loose method and will appear in this pane.

Double-clicking a loose method in this pane will open it into a default browser.