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Initiating an In-process Debugging Session

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When started as an in-process debug server the development image will open up as last saved, restoring one’s previous session state. Thus one can wait until the server has started before setting breakpoints in the server object’s methods. If one needs to debug through server object creation, then it is necessary to set a breakpoint in an appropriate place before saving the image. This breakpoint will then cause a walkback dialog to be popped up when the client is next started. For example we could set a breakpoint in the COMRandomStream>>initialize method as follows:


       "Private - Initialize the reciever's instance variables (suitably for the lottery)."


       self halt.

       lowerBound := 1.

       upperBound := 49.

       stream := Random new.


If we now start randomvbclient.exe a walkback like the following should pop-up:

Note that you should respond to this walkback fairly quickly, as otherwise the client will timeout and report an error. Just press the Debug button to go into the Debugger in the normal way.