Initialising an Array

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"An array initialized with a range of numbers"


#(1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9)


(1 to: 100) asArray.


Use Display It (Ctrl+D) to display the result of each of the above expressions. Here are two different ways of creating an Array object and initialising it with some values.


1.The first is what is called a "literal array". The Array object is built directly by the Smalltalk compiler and filled with the integers 1 through 9.
2.Obviously, if you want to create a larger array and initialise it then typing all of the numbers into a literal array will be rather clumsy and time-consuming. The second example shows how to create a range of numbers (an Interval object) and then ask this to convert this into an Array object using the #asArray converting message.

Remember, to get back to these experiments just choose Help/First Splash in any Dolphin tool window.