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Idea Space

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Only Available in Dolphin Professional

The Dolphin Idea Space is a completely new tool for X6 and is a way of grouping several browsers, inspectors, workspaces etc underneath the umbrella of a single top-level tabbed window.

Previous versions of Dolphin and other Smalltalk environments have suffered from burgeoning desktop clutter as more and more tool windows get opened. Very often it is not appropriate to immediately close such windows since they are part of an ongoing line of thought. To prevent a large amount of top-level windows becoming unmanageable, in X6 we allow all those associated with a particular task to be grouped within a single Idea Space shell.

So now you can be dealing with several tasks (or ideas) at once each inside its own Idea Space. When you finish with a particular task you can simply close all the tools associated with it with a single click as you close the enveloping Idea Space.