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Starting Dolphin

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The installation process will have created an image file for you and it is this that you must open to start Dolphin. The default would have been to place of this file inside your \My Documents\Dolphin Smalltalk X6 directory and it will be called either Community Edition.IMG or Professional.IMG depending on which version of Dolphin you're running.

The image files should have an "objects inside" icon associated with them, which should make it easy to locate them within your working folder.

Remember, once you have unlocked Dolphin for the first time with your serial number you don't need to use the Fresh Install icon in the start menu group. The only time you will need to use this again is if you want to create a new, fresh image from scratch. Normally, you will get back into your copy of the development environment by double-clicking your own personal image file.

Obviously, if you wish, you can create a shortcut icon to your image file on the desktop.

After starting Dolphin, you will initially be confronted with a System Folder window, which we will discuss in the next section.