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Package Files

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The Dolphin packaging system manipulates three kinds of package files which are generally referred to by their filename suffixes.

PAC files -- these are ASCII text files containing the entire contents of the package as Smalltalk Chunk Format source. The file contents are sorted in such a way that a source code control system will usually be able to merge changes that have been made to a PAC file by two developers working simultaneously on it. However, to provide a better level of control we recommend using PAX files for source code management purposes.
PAX files -- these are ASCII text files that contain only a part of the package, usually just a description of it and what it contains. The remainder of the contents are exported to disk as separate files (again in Chunk Format) suitable for checking into a Source Code Control System. All of the files, both the PAX and the other source contents files, are sorted in such a way that a SCCS will successfully be able to merge simultaneous changes made to them by multiple developers. For more details, please see Source Control.
PAK files -- these are Binary Packages that contain the package contents in a binary format with no source code. They are suitable for distribution of applications (or applets) across the Internet or a local Intranet. The Binary Package facilities are not available in all versions of Dolphin but are introduced as part of the Web Deployment Kit.