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Creating a Setup Program

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If you are using a setup program builder then you should arrange for the following files to be copied to the given locations in addition to your own application files:

\Program Files\MyApp

DolphinVMYYR.DLL-- Shared self-registered DLL
DolphinCRYYR.DLL -- Shared self-registered DLL (if required)
DolphinDRYYR.DLL -- (if required)
DolphinSureCrypto.DLL- Shared DLL (if required)

We would recommend, if you are creating a setup program in this way, that you do not attempt to install the Dolphin run-time files into their standard location (\Program Files\Common Files\Object Arts\Dolphin Smalltalk n.n). If you do so, you risk interfering with any installation of the Dolphin development environment that may be present on the target machine.