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Fresh Install: Unlocking the Installation

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Once the installation process has completed you will find that a Dolphin Smalltalk X6 program group has been installed in the user portion of your Windows Start/Programs menu. In here, you will find a Dolphin Smalltalk (Fresh Install) shortcut which you can use to start Dolphin for the first time.

The first time you start Dolphin you will also need an installation serial number, which will be required to unlock the system. This determines which version of Dolphin will be unlocked for you; either the Professional Edition or the Community Edition.

Serial Number

Your serial number will look something like this:


A valid serial number will be supplied to you as follows:

1.if you have bought Dolphin Professional, either via an upgrade from a previous version of Dolphin or as a new purchase.
2.If you wish to use the Community Edition you will be able to obtain a free serial number,  by clicking the appropriate button in the Unlock Dialog (see below). The serial number will be sent to you via e-mail within a couple of minutes.

The Unlock Dialog

Open the Fresh Install icon and you should be presented with the following Unlock dialog:

Enter your serial number in the field provided (using a copy and paste operation if you can) and click Unlock to begin the unlocking process which may take a minute or so to complete.


Choosing an Image Location

During the unlock process you will be prompted for the file name and folder where your unlocked Dolphin Image file will be saved. The Image file contains all of your development tools, and will eventually contain your development projects. In future, you can make any number of copies of the image if you wish but, for now, it is merely necessary to choose a location for the first one. The default location supplied by the prompt will be suitable for most people. This is to save the image file inside a folder called Dolphin Smalltalk X6 within your My Documents folder.

When you next open the Dolphin development system you will do so by double-clicking the image file icon, and NOT by using the Fresh Install icon as you have just done.

Let's Go

When Dolphin has unlocked itself you will be presented with the main System Folder, a Tip of the Day popup and an initial Help window. At this point you may choose to continue with the examples in the Newcomers Start Here section. If you wish to exit Dolphin then you can do so using the File/Exit Dolphin menu command.