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An Inspector is the development tool which can be used for examining and modifying the inner state of objects.

The Inspector is sometimes known as a Flipper Inspector because there are two panes within it that allow you to "flip" between alternate views of the object being inspected. One pane allows you to view the object via its instance variables contents and the other allows you to view it via it is published aspects. Both panes allow you to "drill down" into the hierarchy of objects beneath the initial object under inspection.

The Inspector is implemented by the class FlipperInspector in the image.


Typically an Inspector is opened by sending an #inspect message to an object or by evaluating an expression with the Workspace/Inspect It command. Some other tools, such as the Debugger, also have commands for opening an inspector.

An alternative method of opening an Inspector is to use the Visual Object Finder. This allows you to inspect any Dolphin object that is visible on your monitor. You can either use the Visual Object Finder toolbar button or the pane of the same name within a Flipper Inspector that has been opened from its icon in the System Folder.