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External Structure Limitations

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It is not currently possible to define embedded multi-dimensional arrays directly. The workaround is to define classes to represent dimensions, embedding further dimensions in these. A two dimensional array, for example, would require one ExternalStructure class, call it Dimension2, containing a StructureArrayField of the required type and length, and another ExternalStructure class for the outer dimension, containing a StructureArrayField of the type Dimension2 and the required length.
Accessors for bit fields will have to be hand coded – an example in the base image is _FPIEEE_RECORD. These are rather uncommon, so automated support is considered a low priority.
At present there is no parser to automatically generate external buffer template definitions from C header files. However the Active-X Component Wizard can generate structure classes automatically from type libraries. As type libraries can be readily generated from an IDL file into which one has included the C header file, this is often a fast and accurate way to generate structures.