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Drawing a View for PersonalAccountShell

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The time has come to use the View Composer to create a suitable view for editing a PersonalAccount object.
This is the view that we're going to attempt to draw.

To open the View Composer so we can start painting go to the System Folder and double-click the icon..

A sliding toolbox of available view resources is available at the left-hand tab. Hover over this with the mouse and the toolbox should slide out as illustrated below.

Since we are going to create a shell window that will eventually be attached to a presenter which is a subclass of class Shell we'll want to see all the available view's for this class in the toolbox. Click on the Shells category in the left-hand pane and  scroll through the list of available views until you find Shell.Default view. Drag this resource and drop it over the Composing Arena in the View Composer. Voila, a blank shell window appears to act as canvas for our view painting.

Tip: You can also use File/New Shell View to open a blank window for painting.