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Dolphin Professional

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Dolphin Professional remains our top of the range commercial product. Naturally it contains all of the features present in the Community Edition but adds additional tools and facilities that the professional developer will require. For example, you get:

The ability to deploy applications to EXEs and COM DLLs.
The System Browser tool that provides a package based browsing environment. Once you've used this you'll find you rarely need to go back and use the old Class Hierarchy Browser.
Full integration of the Refactoring Browser tools from Refactory Inc.
The IdeaSpace; a "tabbed" container for managing all your Dolphin browsers and tools and associating them together with a particular idea or workflow.
The Method Explorer, which is similar to the old Method Browser but provides a hierarchical trace of your explorations through the system.
A new Executable Browser giving a window onto the contents of a deployed application.
The Source Tracking System. We have licensed this full method level source code repository from ITC Gorisek for inclusion in all copies of Dolphin Professional. It is very similar to the ENVY source code manager that was available for some other commercial Smalltalk products but at a cost of thousands of $$$.