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Live Update

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Dolphin Live Update is an automatic update feature for Dolphin Smalltalk. Live Update attempts to contact the Object Arts website to determine whether any new updates are available for your current version of the system.

Updates are supplied as Patch Levels which are downloaded to your computer and displayed in the list of Available Patches in the Live Update window.

Common Operations

You can choose to install a particular patch level by selecting it and clicking the Install button. When you install a patch level, Live Update automatically installs any lower numbered patches for you. If you'd like to find out more details about the contents of the patch before installing it then clicking Help will bring up a web page describing it.

You may also find it helpful to save down patch files so they can later be reapplied to a fresh image without having to be connected to the Internet. If you right-click on a particular patch in the Live Update list then you can choose to Open it into a workspace window. From there, you can save the patch to a .ST file which can later be filed into an image using File/File in.

You should always backup your image before installing any updates just in case there are is incompatibility between the patches and the changes that you have made to your image.


You can launch the Live Update window from the System Folder icon. You must be connected to the Internet before doing so.