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Creating the Question class

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We mentioned earlier that the Animal game would probably require two classes. So far we have added a class called Animal and we have put in place the basic functionality for this. Now let us create the second of the two classes; Question.

So what do we know about how a Question object should behave? Well, look back to the diagram at the beginning of this chapter illustrating the data structure for a typical Animal game. In the same way that each Animal object has a name we will require that each Question will also need to hold onto a text string which is the question to be asked. In addition to this, each Question object must also be able to indicate which branch of the tree to follow given a yes or no response to the question. So it seems sensible to assume that we might need three instance variables, text, yes and no. Thinking about it, we might also decide that the most sensible superclass for Question is again to be Object. Bearing all this in mind you should follow the following steps to add this new class to your image.