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Creating a Project

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We're going to follow the New Application pattern and the first step in this is to create a package for the Personal Money application using the Dolphin Package Browser.

Go to the System Folder and double-click the Package Browser icon to open the package browser window.

If you do not want to interactively follow this tutorial there is normally a pre-built sample version of the application loaded in the image from the file Object Arts\Samples\MVP\Personal Money\PersonalMoney.pac.
Obviously, if you're going to follow with this tutorial and use the same names for packages and classes, you'll have to make sure that the pre-built sample has first been removed from your image. Find the Personal Money package in the Package Browser, select it and choose File/Uninstall Package.
Now use File/New Package to create a new package and give it a name, say, PersonalMoney.pac. All of the classes and resources that you create for the Personal Money application will be associated with this package which will allow them to be exported from your image and then imported into another image at a later date.