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Contained Package Editions Pane

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The Contained Package Editions Pane displays the list of package editions which belong to the selected edition of the project. Package editions are listed in their load order (which has to be defined by the developer since STS has no automatic functionality to determine the right load order of packages).

STS uses icons to indicate if a package edition is loaded in the image. This way you can easily see if a package edition is already loaded or not.

When this icon is shown before a package version, it indicates that the version of the package is not loaded in the image

When this icon is shown before a package version, it indicates that either this is the version of the package which was versioned or that this is the version of the package which was installed by loading it from the repository.


Package editions belonging to the project can be manipulated by using the toolbar which is located above the pane. Using appropriate toolbar buttons you can add to, remove from, and reorder package load order for the selected project edition.

The following commands are available from the Contained Package Editions context menu:

Add/Replace with... - Use this function to add a package edition to the selected project edition. If you need to replace a certain version of the package with another you can do this too simply by selecting a different version of the package. In case a package of the same name already exists in the project edition, then the newly selected package edition will replace previously included edition. This option only works if an open edition of a project is selected.
Replace with loaded Edition - Use this function to drop the loaded package edition into the selected project edition. STS keeps track of loaded package editions so that this way you can easily add a package edition which is already loaded in the image.
Remove - Removes selected package editions from the selected project edition.
Load Edition - Loads/installs the selected package editions into Dolphin image.
Browse Editions - Opens a Package Editions Browser window and displays a list of all package editions for the selected package.
Compare with... - Compares the package edition in the project with another package edition in the repository. First you are asked to selected another package edition with wich to compare and afterwards all differences are shown in the Comparison Browser.
Import Package - Use this function to import a package or exported package edition into repository.
Export... - Use this function to export the package edition into a file.
File Out As - Use on of these functions to file-out the selected package edition source code into a VisualWorks, Squeak or Smalltalk/X change set file. You can then replay the change set file on the desired target platform to port the code from Dolphin Smalltalk to other Smalltalk dialects.