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Code Mentor Pane

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The Code Mentor Pane performs a background "quality" analysis of your code as you type it. It is based on a series of SmallLint rules, provided as a part of the refactoring engine, that can be extended if required.

The analysis is split into several categories of differing severities:

Bugs - A series of checks for probable bugs in your code.

Possible Bugs - A series of checks that look for possible bugs in your code.

Unnecessary Code - A series of checks that look for redundant code. Failures do not necessarily indicate situations that need to be addressed however you may wish to verify that you code is not larger or slower that it needs to be.

Intention Revealing - A series of checks checks that look for code which can probably be rewritten so that is easier to read and better represents the intended operation.

Miscellaneous - A miscellaneous series of checks highlighting patterns that may indicate situations where the code could be improved. Code failing these rules will usually work but may not be optimally efficient or readable.

Pass - Everything is ok!

You may choose to address each issue or to simply mark it to be ignored. If automatic background analysis is turned on, each of the above smiley is is visible in the Code Mentor tab in the main browser view. If you get the instantly recognisable "happy face" then you know your coding is on the right track!

The Code Mentor Pane is a class browser plug-in and is implemented by the CodeMentorPlugIn class in the image.