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Category Filter Pane

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The Category Filter Pane displays a list of the method categories used by the currently selected class. The categories for the currently selected method (if any) are highlighted in bold. You can filter the method list display to only show the methods in a particular category by selecting the category you want in this pane.

Common Operations

You can use this pane to categorise one or more methods by dragging them from the Method List Pane and dropping them over the required category here. The drag operations are:

A normal drag will add the method(s) to the category.
Shift+Drag this will move them to the category instead, thus removing them from any others.
Alt+Drag will just remove the method(s) from the chosen category.

Note that the * node shows "pseudo-categories" that are automatically calculated by the system. You can expand this node by clicking the [+] symbol. Because these pseudo-categories are automatically generated, you cannot drag methods over them.