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Categorizing Methods

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Sometimes a class may contain many methods and to see them all in the Class Browser simultaneously might prove to be confusing. To help with this, Dolphin provides a system whereby each method can be categorised to associate it with other methods having a similar purpose. With the browser still looking at Point take a look at the top centre categories pane. You'll see that this displays a list of the categories pertaining to the methods held by this class. Initially, All is selected and this means that all methods, no matter what category they belong to, are displayed in the methods list pane to the right in the browser.

Now click on the accessing category and see how the browser reformats to only display methods that are used to access a Point object's state. We saw most of these when discussing Accessor Methods a few moments ago. There are many different method categories in the Dolphin image and, as you continue to browse the system, you'll rapidly become familiar with them.

If you want to return the browser to displaying all methods for a particular class simply ensure that All is selected once again in the list of categories.