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“Inside COM”, Dale E Rogerson, Microsoft Press, ISBN 1572313498

This good introductory book is easy to follow. It covers most of what one needs to know about the basics of COM, though somewhat lacking in depth. It does not cover OLE or Active-X controls (OCXs), although it is a good grounding for further reading on those topics. Requires a reasonable understanding of C++.

“Inside DCOM”, Guy & Henry Eddon, Microsoft Press, ISBN 157231849X

An introductory book with wider coverage and greater depth than Rogerson. Mainly C++ focus, but with sections on using VB and Java as clients, which gives a wider perspective and helps one to put COM integration in Dolphin into perspective.

“Essential COM”, Don Box, Addison Wesley, ISBN 0201634465

An excellent book on intermediate/advanced COM programming from one of the masters. Does also cover the basics.

“COM IDL & Interface Design”, Dr Al Major, Wrox Press, ISBN 1861002254

Essential for more advanced uses of IDL if you can’t fathom Microsoft’s reference documentation or find an example to copy.